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Revolution DCC Transmitter


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Revolution DCC Transmitter


Warnimg: Only works with 3rd patry DCC decoders.



Revolution DCC Transmitter
2.4GHz DSSS Duplex Wireless System.
The transmitter can read the decoder's CV value from the receiver.
Radio control range over 500 feets outdoors.
Very easy DCC programming without complex engineering knowledge.
DCC programming is done in simple English text.
No necessary remember the locomotive or accessory DCC address number and simply choose the name of the given locomotive or accessory.
Multi-unit operation (Advanced Consist) settings are very simple.
Single button controls multi-accessory (turnover) devices.
2,500 locomotive and 2,500 accessory Separate memory slots are provided.
CV program range: CV1 to CV1024 (Decoder and Accessory).
Decoder address program range: Short(2digit) 1-127 and Long(4digit) 1-9999.
Accessory Address program range: 1-2044.
Easy access speed steps 28 or 128.
Easy access F1 to F28 function control.
Easy to TX clone.
Single button all stop function.
Exchange data from TX to TX.
The firmware can be upgraded wirelessly.

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