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Added "Clone TX" function.

Revolution 2  version.
F1(sound) and F6(smoke) control  status are displayed  on the main screen.

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<= Rev-02

Onboard Sound Files

On Board Diesel1 
On Board Diesel2
On Board Diesel SD33 eco
On Board Diesel SD60

On Board Steam Generic sound  
On Board Steam #40 Midium Locomotive 

Note: The following files must be programmed after the patch file ( has been programmed.

OnBoard Patch R1

OnBoard Steam 0-4-0 #6 Small Locomotive




Transmitter Files

Transmitter V3.02

Transmitter V3.03

PC Software

Usb programmer PC software

Silicone rubber keypad TX can be upgraded.
Do not upgrade the plastic keypad transmitter manufactured earlier.

On Board RX:
OnBoard Crest Patch file
Please program with the patch file(  first and then reprogram the desired file.
We are not responsible for any problems arising from the reprogram of Crest(TM) products.

Set Descending Direction

10 Item(s)